I Hate Surprises.

by Elizabeth G.

Least of all from people that I am NOT happy with.

It does, however, seem that my cat is settling in at his new temporary home.  He has not been getting along swimmingly with the other cat just yet, but we made a few adjustments and I hope things start to click soon.

It still makes me nervous and worried and guilty that he’s somewhere else.  I slept for maybe an hour last night.  I tossed and turned, and woke up several times only to fall asleep right before my alarm went off.

If that happens again, I’m going to work on some more lotions bars and lip balm trying to get them just perfect.  At some point, I’m going to send some samples to people for feedback. Then I’d like to start getting some selling done.  I just want to make sure the formulations are ideal before I do so.  Small scale testing for the win!  It and packaging design are the fun part.

I really just want to relax this weekend.  Not think about the emails I need to send, not think about the stuff I’ve screwed up this week, not think about how much money is in the bank.  Nothing.  Just relax, have fun, sit in the sun and enjoy life for a bit.

Tonight, I’m going to cook something totally boring and totally easy.  Just throw some chicken with potatoes and onions into the oven and wait for an hour.  I’m starving, but tired.

I’m also going to try to figure out how I’m getting where I want to go with the rest of my life.  Which probably involves more students loans and moving to another country.  I can’t tell if I’m dreading it, or looking forward to it.