You all have more exciting lives.

by Elizabeth G.

As I look around Facebook, I’m seeing all these people i know (and some I don’t) DOING things.  I don’t often do things.  Usually on weekends when my boyfriend forces me to have fun and do stuff.  But during the week, I go to work, come home, knit, maybe watch some Netflix or play Soul Caliber, go to bed and go to work again in the morning. I don’t go do stuff with coworkers or friends, because I guess I still (after 8 months) don’t have anyone to hang out with after work or in the evenings.  I’m pretty sure my only friend in the area is my boyfriend.

And I’m starting to get BORED with my life.  I love my job, and it can be fairly exciting and mostly drama-free.  But I’d like to have a social life, too.  I just don’t think I know how to socialize.  I go to Yoga every week (almost) but I don’t really talk to anyone. I just put my shoes back on and head home while everyone talks to all the people they already know.

I joined a few meetups for young women in the area with similar interests like baking, reading and knitting.  They ALL take place during work hours.  So that doesn’t happen, since I WORK during work hours.  So I’m going to start a meetup of my own.  20 and 30something women who work from 9 – 5 who just want to meet other women in the area for coffee.  Or tea.  Or burritos.  And maybe, through the wonders of the Internet, I’ll just happen to make some friends.

And if that doesn’t work, I’m just going to have to start going out alone and pretending that I’m two people.  I’ll be that crazy lady who talks to herself, but at least I’ll have a little more excitement in my life.