Bad Business Rants

by Elizabeth G.


Don’t get me wrong.  I love Netflix.  It has brought a wonderful world of movies, documentaries, shows and pilates into my life for only $7 a month.  Everything I need is right on the Wii, so I pretty much never log into my account on a computer.  I can search, browse, and see all sorts of suggestions right on my TV.  Why wrestle with my computer and it’s busted up keyboard and overheating issues?

Well, I’ll tell you why.  Because Netflix does sometimes have to stop offering shows.  Now, this information with an “available until this date” is on the show or movie online. But not on the Wii.  On the Wii, you only know it’s gone when you go to have a nice night with your boyfriend and watch your shows and it’s not there anymore.  It’s extremely annoying, and I am quite upset.

All I’m asking for: tell us when you won’t be able to offer it anymore.  That’s all I want!

Rant 2: FEDEX

Recently, my parents shipped me a stoneware teapot with FedEx.  It arrivied broken, chipped, but possibly fixable with some superglue and a little shiny touch up paint.  It wouldn’t have been able to pass a close up inspection, but it would still have looked great in my collection.

However, I did feel that FedEx should reimburse me for at least something as my package arrived damage despite an exceedingly professional packing job.  So I filed a claim.  FedEx said they needed to pick up the item to inspect it before they could decide, so I packed it extra tight in bubble wrap and foam before passing it off to them.  They found in my favor, will give me replacement cost for the item, and then redelivered the item to me.  IT WAS CRUMBLED TO NOTHING.  Nothing salvageable, hardly recognizable.

Yes, they’re giving my money back for a replacement.  But that teapot is no longer made in that colour.  Technically, it’s irreplaceable.  And now all I have is dust.

All I’m asking for: don’t abuse my shit.

Rant 3: Qwest/Century Link

I have never ever been able to log into my online account with this company.  I’ve had Internet and phone with them for 4 months.  I log in, and it tells me to log in again.  And again.  And again.  Since I can never get a hold of them over the phone, I use their “chat now” feature instead.  It’s easier, if they aren’t replying, I can go do other stuff, and I don’t have to listen to shitty hold musak.  I’ve always gotten prompt, courteous service when it was Qwest, but now the company was bought by Century Link.  And I hate it.

So far, I’ve been on chat with a customer service agent for almost a full hour.  What have we accomplished?  Despite the fact that I was very clear all I wanted to do was downgrade my phone service, all that’s happened is I’ve been talked to about DirecTV, faster Internet and MORE phone service.  None of which would actually save me money. Also, I still can’t log into my account.

All I’m asking for: just address my problems, at least before you try and sell me other stuff.  I’d like to get on with my life tonight, thanks.

EDIT:  I am now no longer even in a chat with this rep.  He said he’s be right with me, and now the chat has ended.  I think I’ll be filing a complaint, as NONE OF MY CONCERNS WERE ADDRESSED.


I work in customer service, and I deal with these sorts of issues every day.  Broken packages, items that are no longer available (often without notice) and people who just want to get in, get it done, and get out.  I wonder if people ever appreciate the lengths we go to where I work to make their day as easy, painless and simple as we possible can and address all their problems in the shortest amount of time.  I don’t think they do, and it makes me sad.