Outlook Psyche-out

by Elizabeth G.

Anyone who’s ever used Outlook will probably be familiar with this scenario, especially if they use it for work and receive large volumes of email daily.  I tend to leave my computer running over the weekend, in the hopes to avoid this, but it never seems to work.

Monday morning, the first thing I do after I shake my computer awake is look at Outlook.  I’m not anticipating a huge download time, as it’s been running and downloading from the server every 5 minutes all weekend.  So it should all be in there, right?  I look at my emails.  Only 27!  Hooray!  I crank them out, get everything checked off.  10 minutes later, I have another 80 emails.  That just…didn’t download.  I now feel extremely deflated.

Why does Outlook love to tease me?  Those emails had been on the server all weekend, but hadn’t been downloaded with the rest that were showing up from the same time frame.  WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?  I thought I was going to be able to get some actual work done, as opposed to answering mostly simple questions that can be found with a single click on Google.  Of course, I’m always happy to help customers.  I just find it sometimes aggravating when I think I’m done.

Outlook is a harsh, harsh taskmaster.  We’ll deal with other crappy, but irreplaceable Microsoft Business software (*cough cough* Quickbooks*cough cough*) another day.

P.S. Dear bosslady: No, I’m not blogging at work.  The “Schedule Publishing Time” button means my posts can post when the rest of the world is online, as opposed to when I get home at night and half the US is already asleep.  It feels a little like cheating, which is cool because it’s not actually cheating.  😀