Long-term Poor Sleep Quality, or, My Neighbor is a Snorlax Part II

by Elizabeth G.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is critical to our everyday functioning.  But we don’t always believe it, especially when we’re young. I certainly didn’t.  I’ve always had horrible sleep habits, but somehow managed to squeeze in enough high-quality sleep every night that it didn’t matter.  Sure, I was only getting 4 hours, but it was 4 hours of great REM sleep.

For weeks, I’ve been having a hard time staying a sleep. It’s a combination of stress, my neighbor’s snoring, and being a little bit sick.  And it really started to catch up with me last week.  I was slipping on the job, I have headaches constantly, and I’ve gotten really quite snippy and aggressive.

So as of tonight, I’m starting a new sleep routine.  No more falling asleep to the TV, no more staying up forever, no more snacking right before bed.  I get in bed, I read a little, and I go to sleep.  If the snoring gets bad, I’ll put my radio on.  But I’ve got to do something, or I’m going to totally lose my mind.