Still Sick

by Elizabeth G.

The worst part of being sick is how my apartment has degenerated into a freaking MESS. I had a lovely, perfectly clean and organized apartment for a very long time. And now I just don’t have the kind of energy to do all the little bits of tidying.

Also, my vacuum blows. So I’ve got all these little bits of yarn scraps, dust and leaves that don’t want to come up.

Taking another working weekend. I put in a totally full extra day today, and I’m really not sure I should do that again tomorrow. I have enough work to, but if I burn out for the rest of the week, I’m in a deep hold. So maybe just a few hours, then home for…laziness. Sometimes, I think it’s OK to be lazy.

At some point, I will also take care of the CRAZY back-log of awesome blog posts that are half-written in drafts. Like “Things My Boyfriend Cooks For Me.”

Here’s a preview: