by Elizabeth G.

I work for a small wholesale business, and we’re often told we have the best customer service, prices, and shipping.  We’ve even managed to steal some competition.  Yet if you look on common review sites (like Yelp!) we have ONLY BAD REVIEWS! OK, so it’s only two, but out of the thousands of packages we send each week, nobody has anything nice to say!

How does this happen?  People only think to speak up when something bad happens and they want to tell everyone how mad they are.

When was the last time you said something good about a business online?  Have you had a good product or service experience from someone lately?  Speak up!  Pick one buisness that you want to show some love to, and write a nice review on one of the following sites:

Google Maps (click on the business name, and write a review)

Yahoo Local

Bing Local (on their business page under “recommend”)

Consumer Affairs 

Angie’s List– For services



Is there another review site you use when looking for a new business or service?  Let me know so I can add it to my Love-A-Business-List!