Greetings from Saltspring Island!

by Elizabeth G.

OK, well, greetings from Bellingham, but this is a pic-post about Saltspring.  Mostly because if I don’t post these now, they’ll sit on my SD card forever, like this picture from OCTOBER:

Wendel, the Resue Rottie.

So here they are, and hopefully, the captions work this time through.

The gate to the cabin. Apparently, you have to make sure it’s latched or the deer will just wander in. Presumably, they can do the same thing the dog can. (Keep reading, you’ll see what I mean.)

This whole area smelled of rose geraniums. It was lovely, but I didn’t get a chance to chill out here a lot. Too busy eating goat cheese.

If you give a dog a cat-flap…
I’m presuming the deer have also figured this out, and if you were to leave the aforementioned gate open, you might get up in the middle of the night to see a deer staring back at you through the catflap.

Did you know that sheep “baa”-ing from a distance sounds just like a cranky baby starting to cry? Oh, the things you learn from people who have babies!

We stayed in a farmhouse, and this is the farm. It’s very farm-y.

This is what Saltspring Island looks like at 50MPH.

Vicious guard-cat protecting confidential documents at the Saltpspring Island Inn.

Smile! Your girlfriend has a camera!

Waiting for the ferry back to civilization (and away from the hippies)? Go take a hike!

This is possibly the least flattering picture taken of the two of us EVER, but I have decided that there are not enough pictures of my boyfriend and I as a couple. Or enough pictures of us separately. Basically, I’ve entered that “OH MY GOD WE’RE GOING TO DIE IN 80 YEARS, HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW WHAT WE LOOKED LIKE” phase of the year.

If you haven’t been yet, go, and make sure you get there for the Saturday market.  There’s some sweet handmade stuff, even if you’re not into ultra-vegan, hemp-based, uber-organic food.  The cheese is really good, and so is the wine.  Just bring a book for the ferry ride back, or you’ll spend the better part of a day running around until you get seasick.