Letter from the Editor: The Revenge of the Nerds [Part One – Full Tilt Ice Cream]

by Elizabeth G.

The REAL revenge of the nerds. They’re taking over!!!!

By Alicia Sherman 

If you have yet to wake up in the USA to notice that Nerds, Geeks, Techies, Dorks, Brains, Trekkies, and all forms of the well-informed technology and science fiction loving masses are taking over… then I really don’t want to know what State you live in. Regardless, they are in fact taking what’s theirs, whether it be in the larger realm of making you question your beliefs about SciFi being terrible and boring in general, or being surprisingly entertaining by giving you the bold and dramatic Battlestar Galactica. This is leading to many a person watching the SyFy channel who had previously skipped over it as quickly as their remote would allow. Besides the larger conversions taking place all over the U.S. there are small ones, back alley and seemingly disguised ones, and soon you will all be “One of Us.”

I submit for your consideration a…

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