Tutorial: Adding A User To Your WordPress Blog

by Elizabeth G.

I was originally just going to email this to a friend of mine, but I figured why not blog it?

If you have a WordPress blog, or WordPress based website and you’d like to be able to grant multi-user access, it’s easy!  And, it’s a good idea.  Each user will have their OWN login information, which allows you to give posting permission to contributors and editors without exposing the main Admin account information.  Plus, each individual user will be able to post under their own name!  Exciting.

Step 1: Go to your blog’s dashboard and open the “Users” side tab.


Step 2: Click “Invite New”


Step 3: If you know the WordPress username of the person you want to add, you can just use that.  Otherwise, enter their email address.


Step 5: Send the invite!  Your invited user will receive an email that looks something like this:


Once they’ve accepted, your blog will show up in their account when they log in.  Violà!  You can now easily manage contributors and other admins.  Enjoy.