On Accidental Spamming: A Public Apology

by Elizabeth G.

So, if you’re subscribed to my blog, you’ve probably seen a few bizzare posts show up and then quickly disappear. This is partly my fault, and partly the fault of a company which I no longer trust.

I purchased an item on NoMoreRack.com. I wanted to share a link to this website with ONE person: my husband. I specifially only authorized this link to be sent out to a single email address. I know this because I clicked “Unselect All” and then selected only one single check box next to his name.

Sadly, NoMoreRack decided to email every single email address in my address book. Including the email address I use to post remotely to WordPress, Facebook, and all the email addresses I’ve ever used to email to other companies, schools, etc.

This has resulted in a lot of spam for my friends, family, and companies I’ve worked with. This is extremely embarrassing, particularly for private clients who have received a very unprofessional email sent “with my permission” from a third party.

I. Am. So. Sorry.

I have already contacted NoMoreRack to let them know that A) They broke the promise on their page to not do exactly what they did B) If they didn’t intend to, their system is broken and C) I will never, ever, ever, be doing business with them again, because this embarrassment has caused me to lose quite a chunk of my reputation, and that has consequences.

It has also put a lot of stress on me as I run around trying to delete posts that were sent to Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr and clients, trying to undo the damage this has done to my internet profile.

But mostly, it’s put a lot of stress on me to explain, apologize for, and rebuild relationships with people who are confused, upset, and possibly a little angry for this intrusion and spam.

So again, I am so so sorry.