It’s Easier On A Laptop – Upcoming Blogs and Wedding Pictures!

by Elizabeth G.

The day has finally come!  I have acquired a fully functional laptop with a keyboard that has all its keys, a battery that holds a proper charge, and even Windows 7!  This means that I can finally write posts they way they were intended to be written: on a computer, not a phone or iPad.

Some posts you can expect to see soon:

-Love The Li-ion: A Brief Lesson in Battery Chemistry

-A Doctor Who 50th Review: Spoilers, Sweetie!

-Picking Passwords: Security Is Easier Than You Think

-Hindsight Is Useless: A Journey Through Memories of a Wedding

P.S.  Did you know?  I got married in August.  Check out this photo gallery I created, with all the AMAZING pictures courtesy of the extremely talented lens-slingers at ThreeSixtyPhotography.  I promise, I’ve got quite a few wedding posts in progress, but right now, I’m enjoying the process of NOT planning or thinking about a wedding.