A True Thanksgiving Break

by Elizabeth G.

I love my devices.  And I love my social media.  One could almost say I’m addicted even.  I’m a part of the oversharing generation, devoted to documenting all the mundane things that happen, and even more so the important, fun or cool things that are going on.  This is especially true during the holidays, because my mother-in-law throws the BEST parties.

Yet I can’t help but acknowledge the irony of my social media and and the need to document life is really pulling me out of the moment, out of the fun, and out of the socializing of the holidays.

That’s why this Thanksgiving, I’m turning of my phone, tablet, and computers and simply enjoying the moment of company with my family and friends.

Even if it means missing an epic video of my niece and nephew doing something adorable, so that I can participate instead of simply document.

Happy Thanksgiving!