Whoops! The Common Cold Strikes Again!

by Elizabeth G.

Today was totally going to be the day I posted “Love Your Li-ion” but alas, my husband and I both have a terribad cold.  So instead of that amazing post that’s almost done, here’s a picture of the two of us at my company Christmas party from Friday.  Yes, he was probably the most dressed up man there.  He likes his clothes, almost as much as he likes his hockey.


I gotta say, company Christmas parties are pretty great.  Especially when there’s a decent bar within the convention center, so even though there’s no booze served for free, it’s not far away!  Entertainment was alright, but my coworkers were far more entertaining.

Everyone even had a good laugh at the boss’ expense, even the boss.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, why bother laughing at all?

Photobooth by Oh Snapp! Photo Booth of Bellingham, WA.