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Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A Surprise Bridal Shower

One of the best things about having a blogger for a friend: she chronicles your life automatically! Becca was a huge part of planning this surprise Bridal Shower for me, and it was an absolute blast. Thank you, Becca! ❤


It’s a Sockeriffic winner!

Erhmagerd guys, I won a thing!

P.S. It’s too late to donate to ModSock’s kickstarter campaign, but if you’re a local B’hamster, drop by ModSock and grab some kicka$$ socks to support a fabulous local company (and keep you feet warm ‘n’ pretty)!

Sweeps Week – Modsock Giveaway

Hey Bellingham! Love socks? Be sure to check out this giveaway from my bloggerfriend RadicalGeekery for a $20 gift certificate to ModSock!

The Art of a #Selfie.

by Alicia Sherman

Down shot, overly yellow lighting, bathroom, don’t look into the lens, #selfie. Spending anytime online, on social media you have either seen or created a selfie on a daily basis. They are extremely prevalent and often frowned upon, memes are made of them and they end up on fail blogs on a pretty regular basis. Though the internet can be less than fond of this hashtag is the selfie changing or adding to the art of the self-portrait or portraiture in general? So the idea of the self-portrait is pretty simple: a portrait of oneself done by oneself*. A more lengthy description is: a representation of an artist, drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist**. Really quite uncomplicated, it is something that anyone who has taken an art class or has a degree in art has had to produce multiple times. There are some people rely…

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USS – This Is The Best

Alright, this is my guilty-pleasure song. The song I will crank up in the car with the windows down, even on the highway. The song I’ll blast at 2am if it comes on while I’m awake and dance around to in my apartment.

This is the best.


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 days, there’s a new adorable mini-Royal that’s been birthed from the most refreshed-looking new mom ever. Remind me to have a hair and makeup crew delivered after I give birth.

It’s like a “Cosmo” photo shoot up in here.


All I’ve heard on the radio and seen on TV is about this baby. I have no idea what else is going on in the world, and odds are, neither do you.  So here’s a fast run-down on the non-baby, non-Royal news:

That poor Norweigian woman who was jailed for sex outside marriage (aka RAPE) was set free. An oil rig in New Orleans blew out, forcing the evacuation of 44 workers; no injuries to the workers, no news on injuries to the environment. A shipful of asylum-seekers headed for Australia sank, leaving 3 dead and an unknown number missing. Big shocker, there’s still unrest in Egypt; 12 dead in protests.  As the Pope arrives in Brazil for World Youth Day, protesters clash with police over concerns about the cost of the Pope’s visit (an estimated $54 million dollars).

Photograph: Pilar Olivares/Reuters

What the hell are they firing, rubber bullets or fireworks?


Congrats.  You now know enough news to go back to “ooh”ing and “aah”ing over Baby Royal.  Go forth, and indulge guilt-free!

To Bike, Or Not To Bike?

You see, B’ham is not a bike-friendly town.  Oh, sure, we pretend to be.  We have a Bike To Work And School Day, a spattering of bike lanes, and lots of bike shops, but no actual idea on how to share the road.  This is not just from a biker’s perspective, but from a driver’s perspective as well. Every day, I debate whether or not I should bike to work.  It’s not a long bike, only about 4 miles, and most of it is on slower back roads, though they lack bike lanes.  However, I’ve had so many close calls with drivers and other bikers almost killing me, I’m pretty sure there needs to be some sort of formal education for bikers on the road.  (Mini-licenses, anyone?)  However, lacking that, I feel it is my duty to attempt to educate Bellinghamsters on safe road sharing.   So here are two open letters to the commuters of Bellingham:

Dear Drivers:

Bikes are vehicles too.  Bikes are not pedestrians.  When you stop for us randomly at intersections, it’s scary!  Are you distracted by that text message you just got, and will realize you have right-of-way and then kill me going through the intersection? Or are you trying to be nice?  Treat me like a tiny, slightly slower car, and we’ll be good.

Bike signals! USE THEM.

Dear Bikers:

Bikes are vehicles too!  That means you must obey all the traffic signs, signal turns, and stick to your f*cking lane!  When you’re swerving around (without a helmet, of course), I’m not sure if you’re being a jack*ss, or getting ready to make a turn.  Please remember that you are a tiny, slightly slower car, and we’ll be good.

Now: should I bike to work or not?

So My Car Had A Seizure


Meet Stanley.

Meet Stanley.

I was walkin’ to my car late in the afternoon to go to work, quite adorably dressed up in a polka-dot pinup dress and cute flats, feeling pretty awesome about myself.  I walk up to my car, hit “unlock” on my remote and…nothing.  I assume the battery in my remote is dead (after all, I haven’t changed it since I bought the car 5 years ago) so I open the door with the key.  I close the door behind me.


One, single, sad little honk from the horn.  That’s weird, I think to myself.  But whatever, cars are weird and sometimes they do strange things.  Then I crank the engine.


Holy crap, what?  I remove the key from the ignition, and open the door.


Enter panic mode.  I leap out of the car and lock the door, and the car continues to honk randomly.  I unlock the door, open it, and it stops.  Carefully, I sit back down, and gingerly close the door behind me.

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My Morning Thus Far – A Study in Boredom

8:40am: Wake up before alarm.  Stay in bed until alarm goes off, then complain about back pain from sleeping in a pretzel-like position for the last 9 hours.

9:01am: Plunk my butt down in front of my computer to compulsively check emails and facebook, in case something SUPER important has happened that I absolutely cannot miss.  There is nothing.  The internet is boring.  I stay online anyway.

10:30am: Realize my phone is dead, and plug it in.  No missed calls or text messages; I am alone and friendless, obviously.

10:31am: Return to the internet.  Realize I haven’t actually eaten breakfast yet.  Instead of cooking food, I find an open bag of slightly stale pretzels, and some watermelon.  This is a delicious breakfast.

11:00am: I start preparing for lunch, which means cleaning the kitchen and soaking black-eyed peas to eat with rice.  Realize I am super poor, and put in more applications for a second job.  Now super sad, I put The Avengers on.  I am less sad now.

11:10am: I write this blog post, because I am so intensely bored, and I have to share my boredom with the internet.

And now, a cat.  (Not my cat, but I know how he feels.  Except for the nuts part.)


A New Kind of Rainbow Portrait

There is some serious cele-gay-tion goin’ around the internet of late, this time in England and Wales! That’s right, the magnificent Queen Elizabeth II has signed off on the Marriage Equality bill, legalizing same-sex marriage.  Same-sex couples can now get civil or religious marriages, and those previously in “civil partnerships” can have their relationship converted into a marriage.

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